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Het pakket is erg traag. Hoe kan dat?

Soms is het pakket heel traag als je werkt op een Apple Mac. Dit ligt niet zo zeer aan het spreadsheet, maar aan een bug in iOS of Office voor de Mac. Als bouwer van het spreadsheet kan ik hier niks aan doen helaas.

Beste oplossing:

Office expects at least two of the Office fonts (Arial.ttf and Calibri.ttf) to be active. 


Probeer dit eens:


This is how I got everything running at normal speed again.


1) Open Font Book Application




3) Automatically resolve any duplicates found


4) Select all fonts, then under FILE select VALIDATE FONT


5) Remove all fonts showing any type of error or warning.  Some will be system fonts and will require you to enter your password…go ahead and do it…get them all out of your system.


6) Under FILE, select RESTORE STANDARD FONTS.  This will pull out everything except standard fonts.  You will probably get a message saying that some of the standard fonts are missing and asking you to restore them by reinstalling the operating system…don't bother doing it though.  The missing fonts are likely ones that got tossed out when you VALIDATED FONT and threw out the ones causing warnings/errors.


7) Open your OS Library and look for the FONT folder.  You should also see FONTS (REMOVED) and FONTS DISABLED.  Open the FONTS (REMOVED) folder and find the MICROSOFT folder.  Drag this back into your FONTS folder…it will proceed to copy over. i.e. a copy will remain in FONTS (REMOVED) and a new copy will be formed in FONTS.


8) Finally, for good measure use Disk Utility to repair disk permissions and then restart.


Just a small precision about step 7) : the "MICROSOFT" folder is not located directly inside "FONTS (REMOVED)" but into another folder named with the time you emptied your font library.


Even googlen levert nog een paar dingen op:

Does this happen to all Excel files or just a particular file? If it happens to all workbooks, please try a few additional troubleshooting steps:

1. Run "disk utility" (a system utility) to repair the disk permission
2. With all Office applications shut down,
a. Delete from ~/Library/Preferences/
b. Delete ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/ (the whole folder)
3. Delete your printer driver
4. If step 1~4 doesn’t fix the problem, create a new user account and see whether Excel works on the new user account.

Stap 2b is vaak al voldoende.

Andere oplossingen

I also would recommend checking that sync services are turned off (if you don't need them for Outlook, etc). Word 2011 boots up for me in less than 2 seconds now.

Well, it can be significantly improved by just deactivating for example the WYSIWYG font style menu. You can find this in the Settings under General Settings. If you have a lot of fonts installed, the startup and rendering probably takes a while. On my system this changed the starting of Word to some acceptable time.



Voeg het lettertype Gill Sans MT eens toe aan jouw mac...


Andere Mac gebruikers hebben het lettertype vervangen in de hele sheet. Dat hielp.


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